Gynexin™ Alpha Formula Ingredients

The combination of ingredients in Gynexin™ male breast reduction pills make it a unique powerful synergistic formula. These natural ingredients reduce male breast size rapidly and permanently. Below you can research the secret formula and ingredients which make Gynexin™ so effective in the treatment of Gynecomastia. Gynexin™ is safely regarded and an inexpensive alternative to gynecomastia surgery.

Gynexin™ Supplement Facts:

Gynexin Supplement Facts

Gynexin™ Directions:

Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening before meals, with a maximum of 4 capsules over a 24 hour period. Drink at least 8 oz. (250 ml) of water with each serving of Gynexin™.

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Chromium picolinate is a powerful supplement used to battle chromium deficiency, whose true value as a supplement has yet to be fully researched. Just as some individuals are deficient in calcium and use a supplement to balance their bodies, chromium picolinate is used in the same manner for those who cannot get enough chromium through their everyday diet. Most of us get enough chromium from the foods we eat, such as brewer's yeast, whole grains and cheese. For some reason, there are people who are unable to realize the same benefits through diet and require a supplement. That's where the chromium picolinate is a vital and easy solution. Chromium picolinate is chromium combined with picolinic acid and is the easiest form for the body to absorb. Chromium picolinate has other uses and is sought by athletes and individuals seeking help in maintaining a healthy weight. Athletes use chromium picolinate to help maintain a desired body makeup. Research is ongoing about whether it helps reduce insulin resistance, like for diabetics. Some studies have shown it improves glucose resistance. One crucial benefit of having the proper chromium level is maintaining healthy metabolism. Individuals lacking chromium might feel tired or lazy, and also might have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight level. With an adequate chromium level, an individual can regain energy, have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight and improve metabolism. Ongoing research is looking at the potential benefits chromium has in individuals suffering from high cholesterol. There is evidence that chromium might lower cholesterol levels.


The only funny thing about Guggulsterones is its name.

Otherwise, Guggulsterones are a very serious supplement that pack some powerful benefits for the human body, including regulation of cholesterol levels.

Research indicates the supplement helps keep cholesterol levels steady when they are in a healthy range. Guggulsterones assist in turning cholesterol into bile and assist the thyroid, which helps the liver regulate cholesterol, some reports show.

An antioxidant, it is taken from the guggul tree’s sap. The tree, officially called Commiphora mukul, is grown in the India region. It also is called guggulipid.

India’s traditional health system, or Ayurveda, offers osteoarthritis remedies and one of the most common ingredients in those is guggul.

The guggul tree generates a sap from its bark that has been used for years to make alternative medicines. Researchers have studied the connections between this substance and benefits with obesity and arthritis, among others.

A 2003 study showed guggul did not lower cholesterol, which was surprising as it was contrary to previous research conclusions. However, after looking more closely at the data, researchers found guggul was beneficial.

Guggul also has anti-inflammatory properties with at least one study showing it might be beneficial in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine Cacao is similar to caffeine as both are alkaloids and its health benefits are far reaching.

Also called xantheose, it is bitter and most commonly found in the cacao plant, which is in chocolate.

While theobromine does not stimulate the central nervous system like caffeine, it does stimulate the heart more.

Theobromine is a type of alkaloid called methylxanthines, which are naturally occurring in nature among up to 60 plants. It contains caffeine, yet is not considered addictive.

It has a similar impact on the human body as caffeine, but not as strong.

Theobromine is found in all types of chocolate, although each type contains a different level. Dark chocolates contain the highest levels and in general, the higher quality chocolates contain higher concentrations.

Both a stimulant and a vasodilator, it increases the heart rate and also dilates an individual’s blood vessels. The net result is lowering blood pressure and it has been used to treat this condition. Research continues in this area regarding theobromine.

It also is useful in that it promotes drainage, which allows it to be used during the treatment of heart failure. One cause of heart failure is an accumulation of fluid.

Theobromine also is useful in the treatment of respiratory problems.

One study shows theobromine is able to help curb coughing in a manner better than codeine. It also is beneficial for individuals suffering from asthma because it relaxes key respiratory muscles, such as those located in the bronchi.

Green Tea Extract

An increasing number of health benefits are being linked to green tea by researchers across the world, including evidence suggesting it might decrease the risk of some cancers and even heart disease.

Green tea is unique in the tea world because it is not fermented like the others. As a result, it has higher concentrations of antioxidants, which battle the free radicals that damage our bodies. Free radicals occur naturally and also come from outside sources such as pollution.

Yale researchers concluded green tea’s benefits might stem from its high content of antioxidants and polyphenols. These might help blood platelets from sticking and also lower cholesterol by not allowing bad cholesterol, or LDL, to oxidize.

Green tea extract’s potential benefits with cancer are ongoing. So far, there have been positive studies showing a connection between green tea and breast cancer and prostate cancer. Research with rats sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research found a form of green tea helped prevent colon cancer during experiments.

A 2006 study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found green tea helped lower the rate of cardiovascular disease. It also concluded people who drank green tea had an overall lower mortality rate than those who did not.

Green tea extract also might be of benefit to arthritis sufferers. A 2005 study found the use of green tea might prevent rheumatoid arthritis. The study of mice found fewer developed arthritis and in those that did, it was not as severe.

There remain many claims about green tea that have yet to be studied, mostly because there are so many. Combined, they show the unending promise of its benefits. Among them are treating multiple sclerosis, cancer and halting the spread of debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The use of green tea is not new, despite the flood of research on its health benefits in recent years. Some say people in Asia have used it as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. Those uses targeted its ability to regulate blood sugar, improving mental abilities and help digestion.


Most people know caffeine as the substance found in coffees and teas that gives them their morning jolt.

While caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, it has other health benefits that many individuals might not be familiar with.

Caffeine is an ergogenic, meaning it allows an individual to benefit physically or even mentally. One 1979 study showed test subjects who took caffeine cycled 7 percent more than those who did not. Other studies show similar findings in runners and cyclists.

Caffeine also has been linked to helping certain breathing problems, including apnea of prematurity, which is a common disorder in premature babies. It occurs because the central nervous system is not yet developed enough to dictate continuous breathing, which causes the infant to have shallow breathing interrupted by bursts of air.

Discovered by German chemist Friedrich Ferdinand Runge in 1819, caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant, yet it is legal throughout North America. Most psychoactive drugs are not legal.

It also is a diuretic, meaning it causes urine to be produced more frequently.

The caffeine chemical compound has other names, such as guaranine, mateine and theine.

It is found in more than 60 different plants, although the most common plant for humans is the coffee plant. Its beans are harvested and sold. Tea leaves also are a very common form.

The effect of caffeine on the body differs among individuals, depending on size and tolerance. For most, the impact of caffeine hits within an hour and can last for more than three hours.


Sclareolides is derived from clary sage, Salvia sclarea, which is a biennial herb. It is used to help increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. It is commonly used to help shrink fat cells in slimming and skin-firming products.

Gynexin™ Gynecomastia Treatment

Listed above are the supplement facts found in Gynexin™ Alpha Formula. You can affordably begin your gynecomastia treatment using our Gynexin™ pills. There are 60 pills in every box of Gynexin™. The ingredients in these pills are an effective alternative to gynecomastia surgery and cosmetic surgeons charging thousands of dollars for risky procedures. Feel free to research and seek out further information on the ingredients found in Gynexin™. If you need more ingredient information please contact our customer support. We can recommend several good web sources for your ingredient research.

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